Ch√¢teau Musar Blanc 2007

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Chateau Musar has been producing white wines from indigenous grapes since the 1930’s, when Gaston Hochar, the founder, started producing wines. Chateau Musar white vintages are available for sale in small quantities going back to the 1954 vintage. Older vintages exist, but are not available to the market. Chateau Musar White is a truly unique wine, made from ancient Lebanese grape varieties Obaideh and Merwah. Reputedly the ancestors of Chardonnay and Semillon, they are among only 6 indigenous grapes still cultivated in Lebanon. The vineyards were planted between 50-90 years ago in the foothills of the AntiLebanon Mountains on stony, chalky soils, and on the seaward side of Mount Lebanon, on calcareous gravels. The vines are phylloxera-free and on their original roots. Few vineyards of this calibre and history remain in the world. The style is reminiscent of a mature white Graves: rich and intensely aromatic with long lasting fruit and floral flavors. It benefits from decanting and is best served room temperature rather than chilled. 2007 was a year of unpredictable weather. In late January the snow suddenly stopped falling on the high mountains. The temperature increased until mid-March when another winter arrived with more snow. Mid-April, after flowering had started, there was a sudden frost. Summer was sunny and fresh, then a 3 week heat-wave struck in August. It was one of the best years ever for our Obaideh & Merwah grapes, which we predict will have very good aging potential. The Obaideh had very aromatic juice and turned into a fruity, fresh wine with citrus leaves, peaches and pears. The Merwah was fermented in oak barriques with a longer maturation period and had a complexity of fruits and aromas. The final wine is beautifully balanced with good fresh lemon acidity, tropical fruit flavors and an elegant finish.

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