De Martino Cab Sauv Organic 2016

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De Martino is one of Chile’s leading organic producers, owning 12% of all certified organic vineyards in Chile. Since 1998 the winery has been an organic producer as well as adopting practices of long-term sustainability, which are now certified by BCS Germany. DeMartino concentrates on minimizing intervention in the wines they produce while also reducing greenhouse gas emissions during the process. In 2009, De Martino was certified carbon-neutral, becoming the first South American wine to reduce and compensate for the carbon emissions produced by its wines across the board and from the vineyard to the consumer. 12 months, 70% in stainless steel and 30% in used French oak barrels. The vines are planted on alluvial terraces from the Quaternary period, built from deposits from the River Maipo which carried volcanic rocks from the Andes into the Valley. The soil has layers of heterogeneous soils traditionally found in alluvial terraces, with an abundance of boulders. Dry year with cooler than average temperatures. Moderate alcohol content, refreshing and ideal for accompanying food. Very fresh, with hints of tobacco, cherries and blackcurrant. The palate is refreshing. Minimal intervention in the cellars leads to an honest and clean representation of the wine’s origin.

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