Ferreira Porto Tawny N/V

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Porto Ferreira Tawny is vinified using the traditional Porto Wine method. Hand-picked grapes are softly crushed and, after partial stalk-removal, fermented with maceration allowing the best components of the grape skins to be extracted. The whole process takes place under strict control of both temperature and wine density, making it possible for the winemaker to choose the ideal moment for the addition of wine alcohol, fundamental to halt fermentation and keep natural sweetness. That moment depends on vine varieties, stage of maturation and final sweetness levels required. After the harvest, the wine stays in the Douro, where the Winter cold helps lees to settle. The following Spring, the wines are transferred to the traditional company lodges at V.N.Gaia and stored in oak casks, where they will age for several years. During their aging, the oenology team monitors the wines and acts through blending, refreshing and correcting whenever tasting so determines. The final blend is selected from wines that have aged between 2 and 5 years, with an average age of 4 years. Porto Ferreira Tawny has a beautiful red hue with fair hints as well as a fresh and delicate aroma, reminiscent of spices and nuts, acquired during the aging in oak. In the mouth it is elegant and shows a fine balance between mature tannins and sweetness, with an attractive, long finish.

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