Ravenscroft Amplifier Barrique White Wine Glass (Set of 4)

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Specifically designed for barrel-aged, oaked white wines, the Ravenscroft Crystal Amplifier Barrique White Wine glasses are unmatched in their ability to amplify the bouquet of any wine. All Amplifier Signature glasses focus and intensify the bouquet of wine. Ravenscroft's signature Amplifier glasses are powerful tools that require novice wine enthusiasts to learn to drink from their unique bowl shapes. The rewards of mastering this fine tool are unprecedented clarity of aromas; as the name suggests, wines are unbelievably amplified and heightened by these glasses. Handmade in Europe of the finest lead-free crystal, the Amplifier Collection is unmatched in its ability to provide a perfect wine-drinking experience.

Recommended Wine Varieties: Burgundy Grand Cru, Graves, New World Chardonnay, Rhone

Item No.: W6345 | Height: 10" | Capacity: 24 ounces