Ravenscroft Classics White Burgundy Grand Cru Glass (Set of 4)

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The Ravenscroft Crystal White Burgundy Grand Cru glass, with a wide, low chimney bowl, is the perfect tool to tame the oak and alcohol of Chardonnay-based white wines. Complex and dense, the greatest examples of Chardonnay are flattered by this acid-enhancing design, which directs the flow of wine to the edges of the tongue to deliver a balanced experience. Aromas of great Chardonnay are rather dense and do not need a high and tight chimney to be concentrated. Like all Ravenscroft Classics glasses, the Ravenscroft White Burgundy Grand Cru glass is handmade in Europe of brilliant lead-free crystal.

Recommended Wine Varieties: White Burgundy, White Burgundy Grand Cru, Corton-Charlemagne, Montrachet, New World Chardonnay

Item No.: W6506 | Height: 8" | Capacity: 17 ounces