Ravenscroft Cornwall Decanter Gift Set (5 Pieces)

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The old-world craftsmanship that goes into every Ravenscroft decanter is clearly reflected in this charming set. Reminiscent of English countryside service decanters, the Ravenscroft Crystal Cornwall Decanter is handmade from the purest lead-free crystal. The spout is not only designed for drip resistance, but also aesthetics. The handle makes for an easy and controlled pour. The Ravenscroft Cornwall Decanter Gift Set pairs this decanter with four Invisibles Chianti/Reisling glasses, which are perfect for medum-bodied, fruit-driven wines. Delicate and lightweight, the glasses add to the beauty of the Cornwall Decanter. Made from lead-free crystal.

Item No. W2669. Decanter: Height: 10.75", Width: 6", Capacity: 42.5 ounces | Glasses: Height: 9", Width: 3.5", Capacity: 12 ounces