Ravenscroft Essentials Waldorf Water Carafe (Set of 2)

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The Ravenscroft Essentials Waldorf Water Carafe and Cup is a favorite of hotels across the country and now available for your home! Perfectly sized for your kitchen or bedside table, this carafe has a multitude of uses. When not in use, the included cup fits conveniently on top of the carafe for easy storage and minimal space. There is no more elegant way to serve water than the Ravenscroft Waldorf Water Carafe, handmade in Europe of the finest lead-free crystal. Now in this convenient two-pack, you can elegantly serve water in every room, or keep one on each bedside table in your home.

Item No.: W2732 | Height: 7.5" | Width: 4.25" | Capacity: 16 ounces