Ravenscroft Invisibles Vineyard Varietal Pack for Chardonnay, Bordeaux, and Champagne (Set of 12)

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The Ravenscroft Invisibles Collection takes both its name and its design from the notion that "a wine glass should be invisible." Exclusively made by Ravenscroft to enhance the pleasures of wine drinking by not distracting from the experience, the Invisibles line is nearly invisible and as light as air. As the perfect wine glass should, Invisibles precisely control the bouquet and palate attack of the wine and then disappears, becoming virtually unnoticeable from the first sip. Delicate, lead-free, and whisper-light in precisely tuned shapes, Ravenscroft Invisibles are the perfect wine glasses for the sensualist within all of us. The Ravenscroft Invisibles Vineyard Varietal Pack offers four (4) Chardonnay glasses, four (4) Bordeaux glasses, and four (4) Champagne glasses. Each glass is a carefully designed, tailor-made tool perfect for serving the wine variety intended. This handcrafted set comes with a total of twelve (12) glasses at a magnificent price.

Item No.: IN-245571