Urbitarte Sagardotegia Saarte 2016

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The Crianza of ciders, Saarte is fermented naturally from indigenous Basque apple varieties, without any added sugars, sweeteners, or commercial yeasts. Saarte spends more time in oak cask than the other ciders in the Urbitarte family. Unfiltered and unfined, sediment naturally separates from the cider and needs to be gently shaken before serving. Instead of opening the bottle and letting it “breathe,” Spain has a custom known as “throwing the cider.” A server pours the cider from a height of approximately 3 feet to aerate and enhance the aroma and flavor of the cider! Saarte shows rounder acidity and mouth feel with complex tart and musty flavors. This type of cider is flat, not sparkling and is traditionally served with cod omelette, chorizo con sidra and freshly carved steaks. Belgian Sour Beer and Lambic drinkers will fall in love with this Basque cider. Artisans of natural cider. Urbitarte is a traditional family owned cider house located in the heart of the Goierri, which is surrounded by the Aralar Mountains in the Basque Country. Every part of the production process is done manually providing a product that is natural, unique and extraordinary.

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